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The Odd One Out but,Soon To Be In


The title of this post pretty much sums this up.

I’ve been away for a good amount of time yet, I still do have my ‘outsider’ moments. I’m a fish out of water.
I’ll tell you why.

I live in a place where I don’t know the language. Hindi. Grr.
And this is probably my biggest downfall because everyone in Delhi speaks Hindi. EVERYONE. It is the native language of the place after all. So you can imagine what it feels like. It’s like I’m a foreigner. But I’m not. I’m from a little town called Shillong;The capital of the beautiful hill station Meghalaya,one of the North-Eastern states of and  very much a part of India.

I miss out on some important lectures in college. I can’t understand what my friends talk about so I miss on the juicy gossip as well! It is impossible for me to converse with anyone who can’t speak English,like that one time when the man at the printing store messed up what I wanted because,I spoke to him in English and he didn’t get me. I am unable to go watch movies with my friends because they’re all in Hindi.

The worst part is I’m a fairly talkative person. I love to chat with people! I could go on doing this for hours, especially with the right person. You can guess how torturous it is for me to sit quietly and listen to my friends in deep conversation with each other almost every day. A few people are considerate about my situation; They take some time out to translate what I couldn’t understand. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of such people, because in a place like Delhi, they’re hard to find.

I come from a place with different cultures and traditions. I eat different food, I have different mannerisms and I believe in different things. All this while, I was with people who thought like me. And that was great….Until I moved to Delhi. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. It’s just another ‘outsider’ moment for me, yet again. I find myself unaware about various things here. And the food! It is so different from what I eat back home that it took me a while to get used to it.

Sure. Being the oddball does get a little bad at times. However, this isn’t a ‘pity me’ post.

I’m being exposed to so much. I’m discovering things I never knew existed. I’m slowly learning to adapt to my new surroundings. I’m in fact,learning Hind which may seem irrelevant but to me is a big accomplishment in the making.

The best part about being different is the fact that people show an interest in you. I’ve had so many come up and ask me where I’m from, and they would always respond in the most positive and interesting way that I always can’t help but smile with pride.

A noteworthy quote of Dr Seuss’s is “Why fit in when you’re born to stand out?” It’s safe to say that I’ve been going by this for some time now.

Everyone has been made unique for a reason. And I’m going to stand by mine. 🙂