Shauni PN

Bio: Hi there. My name is Shauni Nongrum and I'm a teen blogging about what I feel about the world and everything in it! I'm currently a college freshman studying Luxury Brand Management and I'm not embarrassed to say that I am finding great pleasure with my life at college! I love reading. I could pick up any book and read it. Be it a magazine or a novel. I also have a great passion for fashion,and have been told numerous times by quite a number of people that I've got a good eye for it. I'd like to think that I do. And food. Okay,who doesn't love food?! I could recommend about a hundred restaurants and cafes for you to go to and try out their fabulous and enticing menus. Being the lazy person that I am,I always tend to find the easy way out for certain situations. If that's what you want to learn too,I'm here! My life is a roller coaster ride. It's full of ups and downs and I enjoy every bit of it. That's what I'm here to blog about: My take on life. "Don't cry because it's over,smile because it happened." -Dr Suess Yes. Dr Suess couldn't have said it better.

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