Wardrobe Must Haves!

CLOSET_3AX1 We ladies have the similar problem of looking at our closets and going,”Hmmm. What to wear?”. Choosing an outfit is one of the toughest decisions we make,even if it is to simply just run down the street for a few errands. Having the appropriate attire for several occasions is important at all times! This is why we keep a set of staples ready at hand. With these wardrobe essentials,you will always know what to reach for. Linked with every clothing piece is where you can get the items!

1. A Little Black Dress: A little black dress is a classic and a timeless piece for every girl to own. Elegant an effortless,I highly recommend having an LBD in your closet.



2. A Good Pair of Jeans: Yes! Jeans are necessary! Make sure you own a pair that fits your legs perfectly. Moreover,the look good with anything,even a simple black tee. 61154-01-im-01-super-skinny-jeans-mid-indigo-f_2 Links:

3.A Striped Shirt: It maybe a classic black and white shirt or any other colour combination,but striped shirts are effortlessly smart. 30G31GNAV_3_large Links:

4. A Trench Coat: Think of purchasing a trench as an investment. Look out for a well fitted,A-line trench. Not only will it last you for the next few years,but it would also make you look so great!. Added to that,it will keep you nice and toasty during the winters. 9bb73aa633ead75978fdb13be39bf938 Links:

5. Black Ballet Flats: Black goes with anything and everything. So even if you didn’t have a great many pair of shoes,your black pumps will make up for it. Plus,they’re really really comfy! 1340204832-tumblr_lzphl8XpDz1r61dzgo1_500 Links:

6. A Statement Bag: Let me tell you that having a statement bag can do wonders. You may be in your plainest outfit yet,but rest assured,your bag will save the day! Opt for the all time classic colours: Black or nude. 13798ad9bd39635576362232a83222f9 Links:

7. A White Button Down Blouse: White blouses are most versatile. Pair it with denims and you’ll have yourself a nice,relaxed,on-the-go chic look. Combine it with a pencil skirt,and you’re officially ready for a formal gathering! white-silk-button-down-shirt-and-black-leather-satchel-bag-and-light-blue-boyfriend-jeans-original-1414 Links:

8. A Leather Jacket: Good leather jackets maybe a little on the expensive side,but don’t worry about splurging. Not only is it quintessential to your wardrobe,but it is definitely going to last you for the next few years. Moreover,leather jackets keep looking better with time. It never goes out of style. dsc_0068 Links:

  • shop.mango.com/IN/women/clothing/jacket
  • http://www.asos.com › Women › Coats & Jacket
  • shop.nordstrom.com › Women › Clothing › Jackets

9. A Pencil Skirt: When a time arises where pants don’t fit the job,bring out your pencil skirt! It is a sophisticated and conservative piece for any semi formal gatherings. And when you (re)discover how little effort it takes to zip into a skirt, you’ll find it a pleasure to give your pants a well-deserved rest. asos-collection-white-asos-linen-button-detail-pencil-skirt-product-1-3080744-341438574_large_flex Links:

10. Statement Jewellry: A diamond is a girl’s bestfriend, that’s been a cliché since forever. But don’t spend all your money to buy a set of diamonds. Instead, get a set of semi-precious stones. With the right set, you can make a simple ensemble look absolutely fabulous. salvador-necklace (1) Links:


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