Who would ever imagine that a dress would practically break the internet for some few days!?

For a very valid and not to mention, interesting reason though.

There were two combinations of colours seen on the dress: Black and Blue and Gold and White. No. The dress didn’t actually have both combinations on it. Just one. That’s what made this so strange!

The dress had divided the world based on what they saw! So we officially had Team Black&Blue and Team Gold&White! The dress was so popular that even the likes of Taylor Swift and Cara Delevinge tweeted their frustrations over it!

The phenomenon of the dress was so intriguing that it caused chaos everywhere! I was on Team White&Gold so I had my Team Black&Blue friends call me an oddball. But hey! I wasn’t alone in this. Another 50% of the world had my back. Team White&Gold all the way!

Scientists and eye experts have debated over the dress as well with seemingly logical answers that was a little too scientific for me to read.

At the end of the day,it’s what you see! Not about what the experts say.

What colour do you see? Let me know with a comment below! 😀



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