And Just Like That,Fashion Month Is back!

10350616_960564917307722_4985320271938167209_n Fashion Month. Oh My God. As any typical teen girl,I have a passion fashion. And attending a fashion week in any one of the fashion capitals(New York,Paris,London and Milan FYI!) is definitely on my bucket list!! The 2015 fashion weeks in all four capitals have come and gone,each as eye-popping as the other. There were a few collections at caught my eye though,one of them being Dolce&Gabbana’s ‘Viva la Mamma’ line at Milan! Not only was the collection as stunning as ever with a ton of black,red and lace and the signature D&G rose prints and crown, but it was a tribute to mothers all over the world making this particular collection quite sentimental. The show boasted of actual model mums with their toddlers in hand,there was even a pregnant mum-to-be, model Bianca Balti. DOLCEGABBANA-WOMEN-WINTER-16-17 Chanel’s BRASSERIE GABRIELLE was another fashion show to see. The runway was literally transformed into a French Brasserie with models walking in padded jackets,long skirts and neck ties with elaborate jewelry and hair accessories. Moreover,the models were wearing the slingback two-tone Coco shoes that  had not used once in over 30 years at Chanel. These are sure to become a trend now. brasserie Now that I’m on the topic of fashion week,I cannot forget to mention Zoolander’s epic return on the Valentino runway. Ben Stiller walked the show in a striking navy blue suit as his character Derek Zoolander,and not far behind,Owen Wilson in comfortable looking Valentino pajamas,joined in as his own character,Hansel. Big fashion moment and not to mention movie moment at Valentino. Other than that,the Valentino collection showcased quite a lot of monotones in straight dresses and intense patterns framed in lace.


Suzy Menkes,the legendary fashion critic has given us detailed descriptions of every show. In case you’re interested to read her articles, .There you go!

Are you are fashion lover too? Did you have an actual seat at any of the fashion weeks or did you have a virtual seat like me? 😀 Leave a comment below!


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