New Beginnings.

26th July 2014.

This was the date marked on my Calendar as “Leaving For Delhi. Goodbye Home 😥 ” This was the Selena-Gomezstart to my new beginning. I was finally leaving home. I was finally spreading my wings.

I felt bad about the fact that I was leaving my lovely home behind. I felt even worse at the thought of not having my parents at my side anymore.

On the bright situmblr_mlzrn8k61V1spyaaio1_500de,I was gaining a lot from this. I mean,I was leaving for college. Yes,that’s right. I’d be benefiting right,left and center from this! And the best part was that I had been wanting and praying to get into this college since 2012! So you can imagine my happiness when I received my acceptance letter. Basically,I was heading to a place that I was happy to go to. That’s all that mattered.

Saying goodbye was tough,for all of us back home.I think my dad even got teary!

So I eventually reached New Delhi and it was super super hot!!! I guess I’d need to get used to it’s extreme weather conditions. This was my soon-to-be new home after all.

After staying at my aunt’s(Yes,I’ve got family in Delhi. Yay!!!) place for five days,it was time for me to get settled into my hostel. My mom(who had accompanied me here to make sure everything was in order),my aunt,my uncle and my ever entertaining cousins dropped me there late evening. And the worst thing had to happen: I lost the keys to my suitcase!
After that was taken care of,I said goodbye to my family(I was close to tears again) and went upstairs to my new room.

I had barely begun unpacking when two girls from the next room came in to ask if I wanted to visit the nearby mall with the whole lot of them. I immediately said yes!

We reached back at around 8PM. It had been a fun day and I had even managed to do some shopping with my newly made friends. After dinner,we all gathered in one of the girls’ rooms for some last minute chit-chat and horror stories before going to bed.

I was up by 7:45AM next morning. Why,you may ask?

FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE! (Inserts excited emoticon)

I took a bath,headed for breakfast,then left for college with two of my friends. There was a lot of chaos at the main entrance because it was full of confused freshers trying to find their assigned classrooms. Luckily,there was a group of seniors wearing ‘Plan Clan’ tshirts who were there specifically to help each student go to where they had to be.

Okay. I made it to class. I had met my new classmates,teachers and Head Of Department. After hearing after my new course(Which was explained by each respective teacher),it was safe to say that I had found my calling. I knew I was going to enjoy this. And that was great.

All in all,it was a good first day.

It was a good new beginning.


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